Safe Free Home Delivery by STEP Local to fight COVID 19

RANCHI : STEP Local, in its mission to promote local community, is providing safe access of daily essentials to consumers while preventing local neighbourhood stores from becoming hotspots for Coronavirus outbreak and be forced to shut down. It is becoming increasingly unsafe for both, the consumer as well as our neighbourhood kirana stores, to transact without proper safety and become unfortunateparticipantsin spreading this virus. While being insulated from this virus is of utmost importance, businesses need to operate to stay afloat and people need a safe and assured access to all their daily needs. With the twin intention to ensure safety for consumers, business and to ensure business don’t shut down, STEP Local, a force for positive social change comes with a promise to provide a safe access to all daily needs like groceries, perishables and even pooja flowers, from your neighbourhood stores.
STEP Local, a not-for-profit initiative of the STEP Foundation, a section 8 company, is founded with the spirit of serving people and communities and to empower them towards self-reliance and to ensure local economies flourish.
With the number of COVID cases rising multi-fold with every passing day it is imperative that people stay at home and get out only if absolutely crucial. “With STEP Local, peopleget an access to fruits, vegetables, groceries and even flowers right from the comforts of their homes. Our delivery executives, dressed in PPE suits, masks and gloves will pick up the orders from people’s most trusted local vendors and deliver it right up to their doorstep”, says Sankalp Rathour, Director, STEP Foundation.
STEP Local represents everything that’s local. As a socially conscious brand, it looks to make the local economy self-reliant. “Ranchi has been our home and we have a very strong connect with this city. That’s why we are starting our journey to help empower lives and communities from the city that made us who we are today. Our neighbourhood stores are facing hard times and we want to help boost their business while keeping them safe”, says Babita Shekhar, Promoter, STEP Foundation.

ThePromoters and Directors of Step Foundation have their roots in Ranchi. It has been their long-standing wish to give back to the society through certain social initiatives close to their heart. STEP Local is just one such social project that you will see from this team.
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